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We're Alyssa and Brandon. 

In 2016 we quit the real world, bought an RV, and decided to become full time RVers. We had zero RV experience, no idea how to make money and no itinerary.  We drove all over the US exploring, working and trying new things.  We worked outside Burning Man, travel-bartended with NASCAR, started a cocktail catering company in Missouri, and saw all kinds of things we could never have dreamed of.  When 2020 hit, we moved back to San Diego to stash up some cash and await the perfect timing for a new adventure. We said goodbye to our beloved 14 year old SushiDog late 2021 and the idea of long term international travel suddenly became an option. Fast forward to 2022, we found ourselves with a bunch of airline miles, a little cash, a desire to see everything and again... no plan.  

We left San Diego, once again, July 4, 2022 with $30,000 dollars, this time in a Prius we converted into a car camper. With no plan, just the idea that maybe we could make it to Canada we set off with everything we own in our car. 

All we know is, we have each other and we plan to go until one of us decides...


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