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RV mods and upgrades

As we sit on the dinette of the RV to write our first Blog posts we look up at one another with the same look. Neither of us knows how to write a blog, or where to even start for that matter. So we decide to rip a shot of tequila so the creative juices begin to flow. The following is the nonsense that came from many more tequila shots


RV Mods and upgrades

We purchased our RV having never spent the night in one previously. We knew nothing about them and really didn’t care. One thing we did know, is that we wanted to make some expensive upgrades without trying it out or truly understanding what the hell we were doing. So here is what we have done so far:

Composting Toilet: We have never used a traditional RV Toilet and might never have to. The first mod we made was to rip the existing toilet out and install a composting one. What is a composting toilet? You ask. A composting toilet, to our understanding, it takes poop and turns it into fertilizer. It also keeps #1 and #2 separate to avoid lasting smells. We are still working out where to put #3. The toilet itself was just under a grand and we decided to install it ourselves (bad idea). We did a good job getting it set up but ran into some difficulty installing the vent fan to the RV’s electrical. By difficulty I mean almost burnt down the coach. We had a pro come in to finish up that aspect of the install and we are pooping like champs so far!

Maxx Fans: Have you ever been inside an RV and seen the roof vents and said to yourself “wow those are convenient!” Not for us. Fans YOUUUURRRRR OUTTTA HEREEEEEE!!!! We ripped 'em out. We purchased two Maxx fans to take their place. The fans can be adjusted to pull air in or push air out to maximize cooling efficiency and double as a vent to get smoke from cooking (meth) out of the motor home. Since I almost burned the RV down putting in a shitter, we didn't even attempt this one and we had a pro do the fans. So far we have seen 98 degrees and with both fans rocking it felt like 90….Winning!

Bigger TV: Our asshole buddy, Aaron Holbert, sold us an RV with a TV that I wouldn’t allow my 9lb dog to watch. So, you guessed it, we ripped it out! How can we expect to watch the bachelorette finale on a 15” screen? We can’t. #teamjojo. I fought for a bigger one but Alyssa said we can only get a 19” tv so that we could maintain battery life on the road. After receiving the 24”, that I told her was only 19”, I installed it inside the RV. I then purchased a $10 mount on amazon and moved the mini-TV to one of the outside compartments. After all, it’s 2016, I’m watching my little TV under the little dipper, deal with it.

Solar Panels: Those stock batteries our coach came with are great, aaaaaaaaaand GONE! Next Monday we are headed up to Simi Valley to get some solar panels installed on the RV. We may have said we are going to be living in the woods, but we are not giving up our addiction to Instagram. You can’t Instagram every cup of coffee without POWER! We are going with a package that includes; 2 160 Watt panels, a charge controller, and an inverter. Unfortunately, we have no idea what all that means, all we know is; we can run the microwave, 2 blow driers and watch Naked and Afraid all at the same time! Pretty cool, thanks sun!

If I find anything else to rip out (cough, stereo, cough) I will be sure to keep you all posted!

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