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Ima let the beat drop!

Mo money less problems!

One of the toughest challenges that we face on the road is making money. Since we don’t have any, working is a necessary evil. Our friend Ryan hooked us up with a bartending gig working the HARD Summer Music Festival in Fontana CA. This event not only padded our wallets but we had a blast doing it!

Day one we spent setting up a bar that only served one drink! Whoop whoop! It was posted up in the campground of the festival but most of the campers were 18-20 years old so it pretty much went unused. Alyssa and I enjoyed a few popsicles and about 22 of the complimentary water bottles. Easy money. At the end of the day we were tasked with the job of finding a place to stay. We had originally planed on spending the night at a nearby casino but when we returned to the RV we noticed that we were the only vehicle left in the lot. Since it was 3am we said F- it, heres good, and crashed in the parking lot. We ended up crashing in the lot for the entire festival. It may have been against the rules but score one for the Burkes.

One hiccup we did run into was our showering situation. Alyssa trusted me (Why? I don’t know) to seal up the water piping when we installed our composting toilet. If anyone knows my attention to detail, you already know that this was not done properly. Since the pipe wasn’t sealed we were unable to shower the entire weekend. Luckily for us everyone at the festival smelled as bad as we did, so, no harm no foul. Only foul odor.

Day 2 and 3 we spent working a bar in the middle of the entrance and 2 of the main stages. We were the 3rd highest grossing bar day 2 and the highest grossing bar on day 3! We were paired up with a couple of veteran bartenders, named Ashley and Andres, who kicked ass! Working events like this you are only as strong as your weakest link and we didn’t have any. We had a good time and made a great team taking turns with restocking and motivating each other to work through bathroom breaks. Lets just say by the end of both days we couldn’t fold our wallets.

The festival itself was buck wild! It reassured Alyssa and I that we made the right decision in not having children. Have you seen what these kids are wearing these days? So many pasties! Apart from Ice Cube we hadn’t heard of any of the performers but they were surprisingly good. It is now a week later and we are still waiting for the beat to drop…Yay Dubstep!

P.S If anyone is concerned we have since showered every day.

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