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The Pep-Talk

"It's okay, we'll go talk to guy, if he's weird we'll tell him we have to think about it and then bolt."

This is word for word the pep talk Brandon gave me as we pulled up the driveway of Weston Red Barn Farm.

Welcome to Farm Life

As burning man was ending, we had no plans or ideas of where to go next. Brandon had said, let's work a pumpkin patch for the fall and since we were going to work the Kansas Speedway for NASCAR we were looking on craigslist for one near Kansas City. We got an email back and asked us to be there next Tuesday. That meant 5 states 5 days. Brandon was stoked and I wasn't too sure what we were getting into, so away we went.

Over the course of the next 5 days Brandon let out little tidbits of what he had signed us up for. Minimum wage, no where to park the RV, and working on a farm. Not a pumpkin patch, a real farm. I have never been to a farm! What was he thinking?! Milking cows and picking up horse poo for $7.50 and hour? No way!

Hence the pep talk.

We walked up and met Donovan Diaz, son of the farm owners Steve and Cindy Frey. He was from LA, worked as a lawyer in the Airforce in Okinawa and was NOT a farmer. He said he'd pay us a little more than minimum wage, wouldn't push us to do anything crazy like milk cows and finished with, 'Great to meet you, we'll see you tomorrow.'

As we walked back to the RV, Brandon and I looked at each other and said at the same time, 'He was so normal!'

And 8am the next day we showed up and learned how to become farmers for the next 7 weeks.

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