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About us...

Who are we?

I suppose its not so easy to explain who we are, because, well, we don't really know. We are Brandon, Alyssa and Sushi, high school sweethearts and a 10lb rat terrier from San Diego, CA. We are homeless, jobless and we like it that way, we think.

You see, about a year ago we were belly up at a bar after a long day of work discussing the difficulties of our day, as we often did. The conversation that day was different. We started talking about all the things that make us happy and upset us with the day to day grind. We came to the conclusion that the two things that bring us the most joy were travel and spending time together. We don't mind work and being that both of us were bartenders, our schedules were pretty amazing; sleeping in and heading to work at 5pm, however we wanted to be together more. So that day we decided the only logical solution was to move into the woods. The only problem, neither of us had ever been to the woods, so we would have to devise a plan to make the woods more comfortable. Six beers and a couple shots later we were set on buying an RV and living on the road.

When we woke up the next day, no doubt feeling the affects of the previous nights alcohol, we laughed about our plan and went on with our normal day's responsibilities. That night once we returned home at 1am after work, this time with clear minds, we went on to the normal discussion about our days. We somehow ended up at the same place as the night before, life on the road just kept sounding better and better. We began making a plan and coming up with ideas of how to make it a reality.

Fast forward one year and that brings us to today, July 2016.

We are Brandon, Alyssa and Sushi.

. We are homeless, jobless and we like it that way. We are the proud owners of a 24 foot recreational vehicle that we have no idea how to use. The plan moving forward is simple, wake up, make a plan, then do it all again tomorrow. People seem to have a difficult time understanding our plan but we understand it well. We will find work, don't ask what because we don't know. We will go places, don't ask where because we don't know. We will experience new things, don't ask about a bucket list because we don't have one. Our goal is to be together and figure it out. We will drive until one of us says....Here's Good.

A few photos over the years...

Prom 2004

Sushi 2011

Wedding 2013

New RV 2016

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