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Checking in... Angeles National Forest

August 5, 2016

Holy balls! Angeles National Forest where have you been all my life!? I don't know if this place is a secret or not, but growing up in San Diego I'm ashamed that I had no idea this place existed. From Northridge we took the 210 east to the 2 (spoken with my best SoCal accent). The drive up was the most challenging we have had to date in the RV. As the cars lined up behind us at 30 miles an hour we decided to take a side road in search for free dispersed camping. We read online that there was free camping "all over" but we found none. We did however get lost for the first time! Goal accomplished!

When we finally wove our way back to the 2 we saw signs for a couple campgrounds. We drove around both and we're delighted to find several available spots even though we rolled up at 7pm on a Friday. We settled on paying 12 bucks at the Little Pine campground.

The spots were pretty level and were also equipped with a fire pit and a picnic table. The views were EPIC! The mountains are unforgiving and have a really cool desert vibe to them. Remminance of past fires is evident in the burnt tree skeletons that dot the skyline. The sunset we witnessed was out of control and the weather was perfect.

For 12 bucks a night, less than an hour (or 4 depending on traffic) from the city this place is a must see! I almost forgot the best part... No cell phone service! (sorry Jenny, Marco, Colby and Lisa) Plan accordingly and bring a map but it's pretty nice to be unplugged. Even though we are fired up about our current spot I am determined to find free camping. And I will find it!

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